So many Confucianism papers

So many Confucianism-focused papers are coming out. Editors often ask me to review them. Many of the papers study not Confucianism, but what sociologist Peter Berger called Vulgar Confucianism. Confucianism is a set of thoughts developed by Confucian philosophers (from Confucius to modern commentators), as Kantianism is a set of thoughts developed by Kantian philosophers. The modern behavioral pattern of Germany is not necessarily Kantian. Accordingly, the modern behavioral pattern of the Chinese is not necessarily Confucian. Guanxi is a term that many papers connect to Confucianism. But the term guanxi is not found in major Confucian classics at all. Furthermore, I am extremely skeptical how Confucian values can condone corruption. The best interpretation on guanxi is a friendship-based commercial relationship and for Confucians friendship cannot stand by corruption because one who encourages his friends to be corrupted is not a genuine friend. Another example is hereditary CEO/chairperson succession. This practice is prevalent in East Asia and people often connect it to Confucianism. But Confucianism began to revert the pedigree-based succession. For more discussion about this issue, please see my next blog.